Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vent Alert

Here comes a venting post!
I look so forward to seeing my children - all of them.
My girls live close by and I love that I get to see a lot of them.
But my sons are hectically busy and also live quite far away (well plus/minus an hour's drive) so their visits are a lot fewer than my girls so, mom-like, when they get here, I want to chat with them and hear all their news.
But this is what usually happens -

Man-bonding over technology.
Please don't lecture me -
I know how lucky I am, having all my kids in doable distance from us. So many South African moms have had to wave goodbye to their children as they go off to built a new life in other countries.
And I also know how  lucky I am that the boys (wel,l all the kids really) have an amazing relationship with their dad.
But right now, that is not the issue, kay?!
Right now I just want to vent about this guy thing of bonding over technology

Ok they seem to be finished poring over various screens so -
Now I'm off to talk to my child . . .


Anonymous said...

Noted mom :)

Next time - no computers ;)

Love you, D

Meriel said...

thats very precious :-)

clare said...

I didnt realise your boys lived so far away actually. You could of course 'do' the techie thing too

Anonymous said...

Allie said:
Ah D, its fine really!
Thanks for the great chat later.
Love you too.

Anonymous said...

Allie said:
@ M - yes it is :-)

@ Clare - hon, did you not get that I WAS doing the 'techie thing' - I was blogging.

PS: You'll see I'm having Blogger blues about comment-leaving again :-(

Lynette said...

I totally get this! Thank goodness my DH is technologically handicapped...but they do get stuck in sport;-)

Anonymous said...

Allie said:

@ Lynette - Just between us moms - I think its quite natural that they gravitate towards their dads. Lord knows, I'd be worried if they wanted to sit and girl-talk with me all the time
But glad for both of us that our boys get that we need to have those "heart to hearts" every now and then.

Shayne said...

I think technology and men go hand in hand.

And there's no point fighting it.

How divine is it that they are so close tho?

allie. said...

@ Shayne - I agree.
I don't really fight it - I just whinge on my blog.

MelB said...

are you blogging here again? need to put you back in my sidebar cos I am missing your updates.

had a chuckle over this one....remember you and me? sitting opposite one another companionably at the table .... blogging? :-)

but yeah, i get this post. love the pics of the guys. au naturel.

allie. said...

@ Mel - gosh! Shame man - I didnt realise you didnt know. Yup, I had to abandon the other one because of hellish problems with signing in.
But its fine: I'm happy to be back here.
And yes I sure do remember those days of dual blogging.
I also love these pics of the guys - I could have identical ones of DS1 - in fact, I will make a point of it.
It'll be fun.

cat said...

Love your son's comment! LOL! My Fil is so not into technology, but there it is usually out to the garage and the woodwork stuff. Same thing I guess.