Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Case You're Wondering . . .

Update on the "Dysfunctional" post (see previous) -

I decided:
a)  Not to phone while I was so mad
b) To ask DH if he minded if I addressed the matter with his family.
He doesn't.

I was all set to call them; actually dialled the number and everything
Then suddenly remembered previous awful misunderstandings that cropped up through trying to sort out tangled problems via emails, sms's and phone calls.

Body language is crucial at times like these -
Don't they say its something like 70% of communication?
So, I will visit my parents-in-law -
Brave the lions in their den
And see if they can shed any light on matters before I move on to DH's siblings.

I can almost hear certain parties out there muttering dark things about avoidance, etc
You might be right, people
But I might actually go through with this
It matters that much.

PS: For those that suggested the obvious, simple, straight forward, approach - thanks a lot.
Its just that, trust me, in this situation, it won't work.
Which makes for interesting, if tortuous, dynamics. . .

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Lynette said...

I hope it all works out without any bad feelings;-)