Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Smorgasbord. . . Of Stuff.

Bullets, allie-style:

1. The creeper that drapes my garage is turning to the reds and yellows that herald Autumn!
Its not even the middle of Feb yet!
What the heck!?

2. Its Valentine's Day.
A non-event in our home usually.
I used to do the girl-freak when Theo forgot about it.
But then realised this: he treats me like gold all year round.
I'd so rather have that, than piles of flowers and chocolates once a year, just cos of some dude with the silly name of Valentine, and peer pressure from our culture.
But still, there may be some chocolates around the house today :-)

3. Mel (junior daughter) and her family have been staying with us since Monday last week as their saga with damaged flooring and insurance companies goes on.
Its not every day that a mama gets to have one of her grown brood (and family) come back under her roof for a while.
Lucky me! 

It was fun to see the goings on with the 3 children this morning as they prepared for Valentine's Day at school. Civvies, Yeeha!

4. My man, who 'retired' a couple of years ago, seems to be getting right back into his work-stride.

All kinds of interesting things going on and various options to look at. He just loves it!
Never a dull moment with him around!

5. Our older son has bought a home that is just perfect for them, and he and his young family will be moving in shortly.

6. Our elder daughter is gearing up for one of her 'projects' - she loves to get involved and does it with her whole heart. Often pulling others in with her, who find that they love it too!
This one looks like a doozy.
You can play too.
Check out the link.

7. Our younger son is getting married soon: a very big deal for all of us.

8. Reeling at the breaking news that Oscar Pistorius, famous all over the world, as much for his character as his running achievements, is facing an horrendous situation.

I'm sure by the time this blog post is out there, the details will be common knowledge.

9. I'm reading a biography of A.W. Tozer. An amazingly anointed preacher and teacher who has left behind a huge heritage spiritually.

So odd to see that, in the midst of this, he had little relationship with his own family.
His wife was sidelined emotionally and his 6 sons all felt they didn't know him.
Just the youngest child, the only girl, was lucky enough to feel warmth from him.

And yet, he had an intense and close walk with Christ.
I ask myself, did he get it wrong concerning his family?
Was he supposed to be a warmer, more involved family man?
Or was that a cost he had to pay in his wholehearted search to know God?

I don't know.

10. My old bible study group started their new course this Tuesday, without me.
It felt odd.
I handed over to the new leader in the middle of 2012 but continued to be a facilitator in one of the small groups until the end of the year.
I had an idea to start something similar in my own neck of the woods this year
And maybe I will still.

11. Tomorrow the nation is wearing black in protest at the stupendous rape rate in this country.
I cant help wondering what good that will do
But it is something at least.

When I think of what happened in India when one woman was raped and murdered!
Rape happens all the time here: the population seems numbed. . .
It seems we just can't cope with it emotionally and in the face of the passivity from the authorities and our own inability to make it stop, we seem to try to block it out.

I'm not excusing it, but I sure can understand it.
What can we DO that will impact on this?!!
Helpless feeling . . .

In the meantime, if you live in SA, wear black tomrrow.
Not just for this one life, lost so horribly, but for each and every person affected, wounded, traumatised or killed by this scourge. 

12. Our esteemed (?) President has chosen today to give his State of the Nation address.
(As if we are not all too aware of the state of our nation!!)

The flower sellers,

who for generations have sold their wares on the pavements in Adderly Street, are outraged because on this day, when they sell more flowers than any other day, the street is closed to traffic.
Who knows how badly their sales will be affected by that thoughtlessness on his part
A heart for the poor?
Hmm, no, I don't think he has.
But he surely will have lots of pretty words to say about them today
You can count on it.

13. I think I should stop now.
So, for those of you who are into it:




Vanessa said...

Lovely bullet post - I like an all around catch up!

As for your autumn colours - my snow drops are out (even though it still snowed yesterday) and today I can see the daffodil shoots - and nothing but sunshine!

Lynette said...

Wow...what an awesome catch-up. Good things happening in the family, what a blessing. I will not even attempt to comment about Oscar and our esteemed President.

clare said...

I pity the flower sellers - I bet it was a complete oversite on behalf of the organisers of the opening