Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Arvie

Sunday afternoon - beautiful day, crowded beach visible from my study window.
Luckily, no sign of shark activity today so many swimmers are out there.

The TV is sounding forth in the adjacent lounge, where my 3 grandchildren are watching one of their fav programs (their parents recently switched off their DSTV, so any kids program is highly attractive to them!) munching chips and other "keep quiet" goodies.

Their mom is closetted upstairs, catching up on a series that needs to be watched fast since it has to be handed back to the video shop tomorrow.
Their dad is in Botswana on biz.

My man is playing squash, which is what he does at this time on a Sunday.

I'm considering a walk.
Posting this blog may be my way of avoidance.

This evening we are joining friends at a tapas joint in fabulous Kalk Bay, after which we'll be going to listen to guitarist Matt Woosey at KB theatre.
I have only seen clips of him on Youtube so am looking forward to hearing him live.

Our new church plant had its 3rd meeting today: its so great to report that the sense of joy and anticipation remains. So does the real sense of people looking to make new friends.
The series "How God Guides" has been a winner.
Well, actually its on-going till next Sunday.

We've heard how He guides through Scripture: through wisdom and today, ways that His Holy Spirit guides us.
Fascinating stuff. And practical too.

One woman told me today that for 3 years, she and a group of friends have been praying and fasting for a church like this to open in the valley.
She is so excited.
And what a feeling for us - to be part of the answer to their prayers :-)

Have a great week, peeps!


Lynette said...

So excited for you about the church plant. Enjoy your evening dear Allie♥

MelB said...


Closetted indeed! I think my square eyes were born this weekend...hence my need for specs!

cat said...

Fantastic news and sounds like a great Sunday

I'm so not a blogger said...

Awesome! And what a lovely sounding Sunday:-)