Monday, October 28, 2013

What Do You See?

 One of my routes for power walking (I use that term very loosely!) is along a coastal road near me.
It runs alongside the very ugly railway line and much of the way is boundaried by a hideous rusty shoulder high fence.
I was barrelling along, looking at the sea and other scenery
when my eye was drawn to the railway tracks and the rusty fence.
Instantly an internal muttering arose in me
"Why don't they do something about this mess?"
"Its an absolute eyesore"
 Grumble grumble.
Then my eye was drawn to a bank of yellow wild flowers next to the line
Weeds of course
But when I actually looked at them - oh so lovely
And once having noticed them, I saw beauty everywhere
In unexpected places
In such variety
Then the ugliness of the fence and track become just a setting for the beauty
As a contrast,
so the  flowers looked even more glorious
 against the ugly backdrop.
Rather like a glamorous woman looking better when she is with a plain friend!
I realised
its all about
What I focus on will change how I experience life.
The rest is a picture post
to show you
the little things that caught my eye on that short walk
and taught me the same valuable lesson


LG said...

Good to be reminded about where to put ones focus - and LOVE the pics. Visual always brings it home to me too. Thanks! XX

Lynette said...

Thank you for refocusing me again...I needed that today.

Shayne said...

IT is so easy to forget to see the beauty of everyday things in life. I often make this mistake, but with all the fires that we have had, i've realised that there is beauty in everything, even if it looks ugly to us.

Great post Ali, and gorgeous piccies x