Saturday, November 2, 2013

Do Your Worst!

My last post consisted mainly of photos taken on a walk: this was one of them.
I was challenged by friends to paint it -
So I did.
This is it.

                                                                    I like it actually.

It speaks to me of attitude.
Those waves pounding against the side of the wall were powerful: the spray flying right up and over the bird.
It should have been intimidated.
But it seems to be saying "Do your worst. I'm not scared of you."

Because our bird has a secret weapon
(Well ok. Not that secret!)
If it all gets too much, it can just spread its wings
And rise above it.

For those of you who know me, I don't have to spell out what the symbolism is, I'm sure.
For those of you who don't
And would like to know, feel free to mail me.


Lynette said...

Good to know that it doesn't matter how big the storm our Saviour have us in the palm of His hand. Beautiful painting Allie and it just means so much.

cat said...

Its beautiful Allie, truly beautiful.