Monday, June 23, 2014

A Dog? Ja nee

I wanted a dog.
My own dog.

We had always had dogs until we moved to the mountainside.
At that point, my man (not a dog lover) grabbed his moment to veto the idea.
These were his reasons:

# The dog would get out of the yard too easily and get lost or hurt
# We'd have to pick up poos on the stone paving
# Dog hairs all over the place
# They sleep on the furniture almost inevitably

# Dogs chew furniture, shoes, belts, books, or whatever they can find.
# Scratching, fleas, ticks in the summer (shudder)
# Having to be taken for walks whether you feel like it or not.
# They limit your movements. Have to be kennelled if we go away.
# And vets fees are terrifying. Vets know you won't say, "Sorry no, that's too expensive. Rather put the dog down."

Good reasons.
But I didn't want to let go of the idea, remembering vividly having my own dog before -
They are cuddly, fun, welcoming, full of personality . . .
I wanted that.
Then, out of the blue, my other half says, "Ok, lets get a dog then."
I was gobsmacked
And thrilled
At first.

Then to my astonishment, I found myself thinking about all his reasons for not going that route
Before I knew it
I didn't want one any more.
His reasons became mine.

How crazy is that!?
Are there other things I think I want, but if they became available, I wouldn't really?
It is easy to push aside those things that are not in sync with what I want at the time.

Its not for nothing that people say "Be careful what you pray for; you might get it."

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Lynette Jacobs said...

LOL! I know exactly what you mean...I want a chocolate lab or a golden retriever. MY OWN dog for a change. Then I think about the hair, the responsibility and the poos...not to mention the chewing and I just don't know.