Thursday, June 19, 2014

Meme - challenge from Mel

Currently, I am…

Reading:  An Andrew Murray book called The Indwelling Spirit. I have been dipping into it for months: it filled with truths that I know need to 'sink in' and haven't quite yet. Its inspiring and frustrating all at the same time.

Listening to: People, mainly. I mean in real life. I'm not one for having the radio on as a background. Silence is more my friend. Like Pooh floating gently in the quiet blue . . .

Laughing at: Actually, far too little. I remember laughing so much when I was younger. I'm puzzled - where did that go? And why? I'm not a sad person but seem to need laughter-filled people to trigger my laugh-gene these days.

Swooning over: Hmmm. Nope. Got nothin'.

Planning: We have renovated a flatlet downstairs that we plan to let short term. But first we have to spend a weekend in it ourselves to identify anything still needed to make it liveable. The trouble is that we are far too comfortable upstairs: we keep putting off the test-time!
We also have a trip to Luxembourg in September to plan for and look forward to. It still feels awfully far away, so the more major planning will happen later.
More immediately, I plan to take Levi to lunch for his 8th birthday today. I love the time spent with him. He's such a character, growing so fast. And specially with boy children, you have to grab the time with them with both hands while its available.

Eating lots of:  Well not really LOTS but definitely more interesting food. A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that a friend was teaching me some new dishes. That is helping. 

Feeling: Blessed in a myriad ways. Dissatisfied. Frustrated. Unfit.

Discovering: So many things! Its funny: the less I get done physically, the more I seem to discover in the spiritual journey.
Which is good.
But ideally, I would like the two "sides" of my life to twin better
Also 'discovering' a whole posse of new women friends as we embark on another study: 17 of us, all looking to take this journey together.

Looking at: The always-beautiful view from my lounge window. My new boots that walk so comfortably and don't look horrible. My pile of washing waiting to be done after all the rain. What I could do to "twin" the two sides of my life better. How my grandkids are shooting up pretty much overnight. How my man and I are growing older and how good it is to do that together.

Wearing: Blue jeans, black polo neck jersey, green/blue long jersey and the brown boots of which I spoke.

Cooking: Actually nothing right this moment. But ja, winter foods: soups, lots of chicken dishes (always with chilli), fish - stuff like that.

Wondering: Is a way of life for me. I wonder about stuff all. the. time. But that is a long and winding road so lets just keep it simple and say: I wonder what the real story with gluten free diet is. I first thought it was just about carbs being bad for the system; now I hear its about wheat being unhealthy because its all GMO stuff. What then? Is everything containing wheat now semi-toxic to the human body? Its confusing - well, to me anyway.

Trying out: Just the cooking and a new way of facilitating the new study group. I suppose lots of life is "trying out" though when you think about it. Even the different stages of life: you try out when you're a new wife; a new mom; raising teens; being a working women; your hobbies and talents . . . Right now, I feel I should be trying out a way to identify my dissatisfaction and do something concrete about it!
This is meme was started as a challenge so if you've read this and you're a blogger, consider yourself challenged to do the same, ok?

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Lynette Jacobs said...

Did this one last week ;-) So good to read about what is happening in your life...yes on the grandkids growing up overnight and us growing old! If you were near I would rope you in at the Mission and your dissatisfaction will just "poof" disappear ;-)