Wednesday, April 29, 2015

In Oceans Deep

"You call me out upon the waters,
the great unknown
where feet may fail.
And there I find You in the mystery
in oceans deep
my faith will stand.
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
and my faith will be made stronger
in the presence of my Saviour. . .
Little did I know last time I posted here, that the words of this poignant, exquisite song would be speaking the very deepest things of my own heart -
And the hearts of my nearest and dearest.
We live in a world so far from what its Maker intended: with grief and tragedy daily occurrences
It is not too difficult though, living in a quiet back water, to keep much of this at mental and emotional arm's length
Or try to, anyway.
Until something happens right in your midst.
My dear son in law has been diagnosed with cancer
It seems inconceivable
Nightmarish . . .
This path is the new way we walk - it is heart breaking and scary
With unexpected luminous times of joy and beauty
To take us by surprise
But it is also something else -
I feel whispers of
An invitation to deeper faith
To take a leap: take a risk; go through the gates of faith in a new way.
I don't even know what that would look like -
These feet don't know the way
But we can "find You in the mystery" in these deep waters
And You are eternally beautiful.


Gill said...

Oh Allie, I was so upset when I read this! Will be keeping your family in my prayers xx

LisaG said...

It's a beautiful song and a lovely post. x

allie. said...

How wonderful to hear from you! I thought you had given up blogland.
Thank you for your prayers: they are much valued.

And Lis - thanks my darling. And yes the song is very special.
I listen to it almost every day.
Rach is learning it: isn't that fantastic!?

Deborah Ann Blignaut said...

Allie you and your family definitely in our prayers. Last year this song spoke volumes to me. Beautiful indeed. As I walked upon the water I began to understand that God is sovereign, we cannot manipulate Him or twist His arm. That He is our ever present help in times of trouble. May you know His strength and presence in a way like never before.

Lynette Jacobs said...

Beautiful post my friend. You are your family are constantly in our prayers. (just as we were in yours not to many years ago...and that ended in a miracle). We are believing the Lord for a miracle and we know that He is sovereign over all.

Much love

allie. said...

Debs - thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement.

And Lynette, yes my friend, I remember your incredibly challenging time well - what a miracle God did for your son!
We are believing for one too.
Thank you for praying with us.