Wednesday, June 3, 2015


How many times I have come here since my last post
Only to sit at my computer with a full heart and not a word to say
But today I do have this to say -

My brother, a cynical man, not given to flowery speech - actually not given to much of any kind of speech - was on the phone to me recently.
He was asking about the cancer that Russ is fighting
I told him that things are not easy; how it is a roller coaster road; of the family's pain
"We are riding out the storm," I told him.

"No", said he, "you are outriding the storm."

It just penetrated my being
The words and the unlikely person who said them.

My mental picture of our situation shifted from battened down hatches, holding on tight and waiting for the storm to pass.

Shifted to a surfer, standing upright, on a huge wave, but not at its mercy
Riding it.
Conquering it, mastering it . . .
Harnessing its power for his own forward motion.

Inspiration and encouragement can come from unexpected places.
My brother has no idea of the impact his tossed off words have had on me.
But I am grateful


cat said...

Oh Allie I was wondering how you are doing in all this. I am keeping you all in my prayers and thanks for the help in getting the book to Mel via Lynette

allie. said...

Hi Cat!
So lovely to hear from you!
Thank you SO much for the prayers and the care
Such a pleasure to help get the book to Mel: we were so moved by your kindness.
PS: I have coloured in a few pages myself - loving it!!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Beautifully said...just the change of emphasis makes all the difference. I know that He is holding all of you in His grip and He will never let you go.