Monday, July 13, 2015

Worth It

Its kind of a catch 22 situation, isn't it?
I mean, we are wired to give and receive love
Its in our very DNA
And yet, flip! its risky
To love is to make ourselves utterly vulnerable to another human being
With our well being bound up in the relationship
And that's a scary thought.

In fact if we thought it through, its possible no one would ever get married, have children or make close friends.
But such is the nature of love that it usually draws us in, without any such thoughts.
And if we did have them, chances are we would go for love anyway.
Life without love relationships is life in black and white.
With all the colour drained out

As I grow older, and in our present circumstances,
I find myself thinking about these things
Old sayings, like "Its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" surface.
Anyone in the grip of loss, or facing the possibility, might disagree right now
But ultimately, I think it is true.
It is worth the risk.

My man and I have been together 40 years
The probability is that one of us will leave this life before the other
We don't major on it, but we know it.
Such is the nature of the fallen world we live in.

The fleetingness of it has become a reality to us so we try to live grateful for each day we have together
Living in the knowledge that our parting will be temporary
However awful the prospect of that parting -
And that when we are reunited, it will be forever
And love will be without risk
In full colour
To a full orchestra
With dancing and singing in the Son . . .

After all we are treading in divine footsteps
An eternally self sufficient Deity
Decided to risk all for love of humans
Knowing there would be much pain, loss and rejection
Amid the joys of reciprocal love
But He took the plunge, and came anyway. . .

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Vivian said...

I said a seed of this in a text to my man this morning. In daily, moment-by-moment contact with Mum's loss of the man she loved for 67 years, the stark reality and inevitability of this loss for one of us is a reminder to appreciate each other and make the most of every moment God gives us together here on this earth. And to be grateful for the never-ending unity we will have with Him and all those we have loved - in Eternity. Heaven felt ever closer and more like Home every time one of them stepped through The Door.