Thursday, May 26, 2016

Living Mindful

People talk a lot these days about living in the moment; living in the present; living aware; mindfulness
Its a great idea since much that brings stress comes from guilt or regret over the past, and worry about the future.
Being right here, right now, seems like a good option

But you know, its easier said than done
To live in the immediate.
For me, anyway
One thing works for me
It's simple, relaxing, fun, creative
And anyone with a phone camera can do it.
(That's everyone)

Go for a little stroll
Look for things you find beautiful, interesting, odd -
Even the mundane can look interesting if you catch it right
Take pictures of everything that grabs you.
You can edit later
Try different angles: try with the sun shining through the flower or leaf; try different lights . . .
Let your imagination run

The result is amazing (over worked word but really . . .)
Not necessarily wonderful pictures
But the effect on you -
Its as though you have been on holiday
Like standing in soft warm rain and getting soaked
Laughing in the wet.

Attention to the tiny beauties that surround us, fills some depleted inner well.
There is a silent upwelling too, of gratitude to and admiration for the One who makes it all
With such attention to detail

Try it
You may like it.

This morning I tried to write
And couldn't
So I strolled off to "fill the well"
These beauties caught my eye

Like some preening bird this flower

Just wispy sparkly fragility

Yellow sentinels against the blue

Such intense colour against the dark leaves

Just caught my fancy

Through the bars of the fence, sun drenched red

Sooo beautiful when you look closer

Ordinary old weed. But oh so lovely

This too. Growing on the pavement. Humble little flower

This literally grows through cracks in the road.


Sun through leaves. Never fails to move me when I notice it.

And then I wrote this.

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