Saturday, July 9, 2016

Another Plan (more continuation)

A wise old owl silently lands next to the little cartoon figure under the tree
"You've been here for ages, just gazing into the distance" he says.
"What are you doing?"

"Oh Owl, I am waiting for my new road to open up. It's taking so long that I've got stuck and I have no idea how to free myself."
"Hmm. Tricky," comments the owl, stoking his chin with his wing, "do you mind if I make a suggestion?"
His voice is whispery, and his big night eyes probe deep.

"Please do: I am pretty desperate," the little figure admits.

"Try forgetting all about the new road
Enjoy where you are now.
There are flowers around you: a shining warming sun, blue skies, the wondery tree itself
Notice the breeze on your skin, the rustling in the trees and the way sun makes patterns everywhere.
Let that be enough for now."

"You get my drift?"

i get his drift
sounds like a plan
they do say owls are very wise . . .

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