Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Life as a Story

I used think I was addicted to novels
Because I could not put any book down until it was finished
And then I would walk around in a daze until reality bit again.
So I gave up reading them altogether, since moderation was obviously not my thing in that area.

Then I thought I was addicted to TV
Getting lost in the same kind of way, losing track of time
But now I realise my real "addiction" is to stories.
People's stories.
And their lives' joys, sorrows and complications
And how they relate to one another in the midst of all that.

Stories draw us in
And often speak to us in unique ways
Take the story of Snow White, a simple child's tale
But layered.
At one point in her life
She lay inert and motionless, waiting
Then there was a moment

An encounter, an awakening, a rising up, an opening path,
And a moving on . . .

The little cartoon man could learn a thing or two from this . . .

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