Saturday, February 13, 2010

Super 14 Rugby

Its that time of year again. The dread of the non-fans of rugby - But a fest for the fans: wall to wall weekend matches.
As one of our locals was heard to say: "Kannie slaapie" (translation: "Can't sleep") -
Because there is just too much good sport to watch.
Judging by the starting games, the new rules have made a fantastic difference. The game flows fast and furious, with few interruptions and scrums that set easily. If I have to be partly immoblised (with the ankle thing), I sure have picked a great time to do it! And let's not forget the cricket test against India . . . PS: Confession: I am awfully grateful for PVR so I can still catch up on the odd reality show - I am a balanced TV watcher.

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Jo said...

Shame now about your ankle but after reading your previous post at least you have it hey!

So good to read your blog again after a few days of work induced exhaustion.