Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bullets It Is

# IN the midst of much that is good - tragedy. A beautiful 30-something year old who was part of our bible study lost her battle with cancer this week. She left a husband and 3 small children and many breaking hearts.

# DH is looking like a handsome gopher. He has had surgery to his jaw in preparation for 3 implants later.
He is being remarkably brave - for a guy :-)

# We are going to Ireland in a week or so! Unexpectedly. Was going to be DH's solo biz trip but now I'm going too. I lurve the Oirish. I'd go just to be surrounded by that accent for a week!

# My life these days is wonderful in many ways. I suddenly have almost more friends than I know what to do with - something that I treasure. But the downside is that I am missing seeing as much of my children and their children as I usually do.

# I have SO many things to blog about but not enough time to get them down. A good place to be!

# Love love love World Cup Rugby!
But sheesh - that the matches are so spaced out! Is it my imagination or did we have pretty much back to back games during the soccer?

# My new layered haircut that started with so much promise has become super unmanageable. Have no idea where to from here.

# DH works from home now.
He is not retired yet but his job has changed and he doesn't need to go into the offfice.
Do you know what a huge change that is!???
So far we are doing great but I can imagine that down the line there may be a few posts about this thing!

# Its Friday again tomorrow. Every second day seems to be Friday, don't you think?


MacLeod House said...

Eish Allie - you might want to make that header a teensy bit smaller - it's throwing your whole theme out.
Hope the DH recovers soon.


Shayne said...

Yes, the working from home could become a challenge in times to come. I still struggle with having DH around most of the time - granted he is in and out and farming and what not, but come the end of the day we've already said what we would be saying if we were both comeing in from 9-5 jobs!

How divien re Ireland- have an awesome time.

And yeah - gotta love Fridays!

allie. said...

@ Ness - yeah, I know.
Just been too busy/not bovvered to fix it. Will get to it sometime, promise.

@ Shayne - I'm hoping its gunna be fine. We have very different interests which often take us in different directions during the day, which is helpful.

And to both of you: agreed -
Ireland? Cool!

Lynette Jacobs said...

I wish I could say I have lots to blog about...mojo is MIA!

Yay on Ireland. I also love that accent.

I work with my DH and that is challenging! Then only time we don't spend together is when he is on the golf course.


allie. said...

@ Lynette - oh my friend - my mojo is also AWOL! I have many things to blog about: I just can't bring myself to actually write the posts.

But I'm sure that both of us will get over it - we've both been here before, hey?