Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Blue Curve

Today I am a surfer riding a wave
Thats me, on the magical blue curve, with spray blowing in my face.
The exhausting struggle to catch the wave; the exertion to stand up and balance, over for now -
I'm still braced, still "in it" but now there's breathless expectation for the rest of the ride.
Whatever it brings.

Life is the ultimate adventure
And an adventure, by definition, includes times when everything threatens to fall apart.
Without those times, life would be a monotone
An aimless amble, going nowhere, with nothing to get your pulses racing.

I'm not saying I enjoy the scary times
Not a brave person, me
But more often now, I recognise them, and am beginning to see value in them
So I can take another view point, embrace the rough with the smooth -
and remember that the ride on the blue curve is so so worth it.


Gill said...

A lovely positive post Allie. Wish I too could embrace the scary times, but I'm not quite there yet!! Getting there though, turning 40 seemed to signal a change in how I approach life in general... hope for the future!

cat said...

OH this is lovely. Allie, if you ever get the chance to hear Shaun Thomson (Ex World champion surfer) speak - grab the opportunity. He is such a huge inspiration (of course uses the surf anthology) but really, a must hear. He also has a book out.

allie. said...

Oh Gill - I'm not there yet either!
Its a process - not sure if we ever really enjoy them while we're in them . .
But recognising them helps -
of course, seeing them in the context of learning to be a Christ-follower helps too.

And yes, there is definitely something about turning 40 :-)

@ Cat - thanks hon, and yes, Shaun is amazing. I've only heard him on TV though. Will look out for him irl.
Maybe I'll find stuff on UTube?

Lynette Jacobs said...

Life is so very often a rough ride...and it is in those times that I feel His arms holding me and holding everything else together. I sometimes get the feeling that I have handled so many rough patches that there is nothing that can still throw me, and then it happens, often something small and I am totally off balance. One just realises how much we need Him...I would never be able to stand without Him.