Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Padding Around

Why is it that when you lie awake in the depth of the night, you are never filled with lovely, noble, true thoughts.
Well, I'm not anyway.
What happens to me in that state of half-awareness is that every concern I have creeps out of the crevices of my mind.
Round and round they go, displaying themselves in a kind of circular dance.
And I, not awake enough to take charge of them; and not asleep enough to be oblivious, lie there fretting.

This is not a frequent happening, thank goodness
But I have learnt that the way to deal with it is to grab the moment of more-awakeness to GET UP.
Somehow having my feet on the floor, coffee in hand, padding around in the night stillness, gets my thoughts back in order.
I can be the boss of them again.

On top of that, I get to see who else is at their computer at this time of night
And catch up on friends' news on FB and Blogland.
Speaking of which, do yourselves a favour and pop over here and watch the clip.
It might take a min or two to buffer but its so worth the wait.

Shall I try going back to bed
Or top up my coffee mug?


Chez said...

We have not connected in quite while so thought I'd leave a 'hello' on your blog. Hope you feel the peace and eventually fall into a deep sleep. Love and hugs from afarrrr. I know the song you are asking us to watch. I can't but will eventually. LOVE that song but it always reminds me of my Mom's funeral.

Meriel said...

You describe that well. It is a familiar, although thankfully not regular, "haunt" of mine.

You are quite right Allie, getting up makes us the boss of the thoughts. x x x

MrsLG said...

I need to learn to get up when that happens. Also not a regular thing, but known to happen. Chat later.xx

MacLeod House said...

I am exactly the same, if I'm awake long enough for thoughts to start swimming, then I get up and put the coffee machine on, and tootle around on the computer instead :)

MelB said...

Ha! So that is where I get it from? ;-)

christa said...

my Precious Allie

cat said...

Oh yes, I tend to do the same. My cure - write it all down and then pray. Sounds funny but I often pray myself asleep, praying to sleep...

Lynette Jacobs said...

I haven't had that for a while...but I do understand it. I also tend to start praying for all the people at the mission and then I don't usually know where I ended because I normally fall asleep then.

With coffee in my body, I will never fall back asleep again.