Sunday, November 20, 2011

Not Bullets Exactly . . .

Unexpected fun when DD2 decided to come, together with her brood of three, to sleep over with us for two nights in a row.
Here is the early morning scene.

Then there was Grandparents Day at the school of the two girls (pictured above)
This day has always been one of my favs. There are songs, (LOTS of rap this time!), skits, poems, etc being performed by the littlies.
Lots about how much they love their grandparents, which is very coo-el.
Most of the kids said they loved their grandparents because of presents and great food and being played with - stuff like that.
Mine said she loved us because "they are cool and when we sleep over with them we have pizza for supper."
Which are two very good reasons to love us, don't you think?
. . . . . . . . . . .

A while back the bible study group I help to facilitate had a tea/lunch/feedback time at our place to celebrate the end of another study.
These are a phenominal bunch of women who have become very dear to me.
And to each other.
It was a morning of much laughter, some tears (the tissue box did some travelling around the circle, but mostly for happy, grateful tears) and telling of stories of happenings during the last 6 months.
There were 18 of us: here are a few gathered around the table which creaked under the load of the MOST amazing array of delicious dishes known to man.
These gals sure know how to wield kitchen skills!

The other, pretty huge news is that DH is retired
That is, he is involved with his old business still but doesn't have to go into Town to work.
A massive shift in our lives.
I'm still getting used to not having to get up at 5.30am and seeing him off at 6.
And getting used to:
 having a leisurely breafast together, overlooking the sea.
deciding what we are going to do during the days
comparing diaries

Of course, for someone as free-flying as I am, it has some scary aspects:
DH is very organised
Me, not.
Now he is around to see that.
No more secret rushings around tidying up half an hour before he gets home for me -
Which was the price for me when I spent vast parts of the day writing or painting
or visiting
Or staring at the beauty of the view from  my window!

Unless I can convince him to join me
Or convince myself that its ok to do that even if he can see that there are dishes in the sink and washing that's begging to be done.
Oi vey!
Many adjustments to be made by us both
But we are up for it.
Its going to be a totally new adventure and I can't wait to see what its going to look like.

One more thing:
In my attempts to get fit again, I have tried pilates
I hurt my back
Which had been strong for about 2 years (after being a problem for most of my life)
When my back was better, I tried going back to my old personal trainer
I hurt my back
So I went back to my physio who has given me some exercises.
Now my back is beginning to feel strong again

I think I'm going to give up the idea of going for major fitness
I will walk, and I will be a good girl about doing the exercises my wonderful physio has given me.
And thats going to be it.


Lynette Jacobs said...

I love that first photo...and it looks so very familiar;-) Those are the best reasons to love grand parents.

I am sure you will just have to chill and enjoy the new season of your life with DH at home more.

MelB said...

It brings me pure joy to see the kids with you guys, I love that they know you guys so well and that the LOVE to be with their grandparents. Such a privilege all round for all of us. And thanks for those 2 days - they were a balm to my soul. xx

cat said...

Oh gosh - I think it is the coolest thing being a grandparent. I do hope that I get the chance to be one some day.

Goo luck on the changes - I hear it can be pretty stressful.

MrsLG said...

Lekker post! I have a couple of VERY cute pics from G'parents day that I will get to you! x

clare said...

Those breakfasts overlooking the sea sound glorious enjoy xx