Thursday, November 10, 2011

Story Time

Over the weekend we had our two smallest granddaughters come to visit us
For the very first time without either of their parents.
One is 4 the other 2. Bright as buttons and super-cute.

Here they are discovering the yummyness of Eetsumor biscuits.
And, for some obscure reason, they wanted to eat them on the floor, behind the couch
But at Granny's house, why not?

In conversation with them, I learnt that they had not heard the story of Cinderella
So, "You tell us, Granny Allie"
I did.
(I'd forgotten what fun it is to tell small people stories!)

When the story was over, I asked them id they'd like to see what Cinderella looks like.
"Oh YES!"
AND the wicked step mother, and the ugly sisters, and the prince?
"Oooh yes please!"
Google to the rescue
Not only what I was looking for, but a little dvd of the story too
It was magical!
(You can see the castle in the pic)


cat said...

Magic moments!

Gill said...

Aw Allie, that is so precious! I can't wait to have grandkids!

Terry said...

Hi Allie
Now I'm really missing my granddaughters. I have three of them and they are grandpa's little girls. I make sure they know that with a lot of loving :-)