Friday, November 25, 2011

Passion and Purpose

Introspection Alert.
Feel free to fly right on past to other blog-pastures.

I've just been introduced to a new blog: its hannahvivier's  (you'll find her on my sidebar)
I think its great: what she has to say is certainly challenging.
She talks about pursuing what you're passionate about.
Passion equals purpose, she says.
And this where fulfillment lies; where we'll live 'in the sweet spot' of our lives.

I'll buy that.
But I feel a bit like a starving kid looking through glass into a restaurant where everyone is eating wonderful food.
I see it, smell it - can almost taste it
But I can't access it.

I wonder sometimes whether the time my generation grew up in has anything to do with this.
We were (generally) brought up to be obedient,
Stepping out of line was dealt with firmly and swiftly.
Hard working, dutiful, steady people were often the product.
If you didn't go for tertiary education,
you joined the bank,
the building society
or insurance company.
Or nursed, or taught or became a secretary.
Until you married and had children.
Then you looked after the family.

And there's much thats good about that.
But as for fostering an out-of-the-box free-spiritedness, entreprenurial "what's my passion" kind of thinking?
Not so much.

I have no regrets at all about my choices thus far.
But I'm finding now whatever my original passion was, it has been so deeply buried for so long that I have no idea what it is - or even if it ever existed.
It bothers me.
And frustrates me.

Why can't children be born with a tag on them, naming what they're wired for?
It would the whole thing much simpler.


I'm so not a blogger said...

A tag would be a huge help! I feel the same way. I think the only way to find your passion is to explore different things. Step out of your comfort zone and try things which you 'would never do' and see where it takes you. Treat it as an adventure, an exploration of self. And talking about explorations, there is a fabulous book called: 'Something More Excavating your Authentic Self' by Sarah Ban Breathnach. She wrote Simple Abundance-not sure if you know of her? But that is a step to Finding your Passion. (Love reading your blog, I know I don't comment often but just so you know:-)

Jo said...

Yes I love the tag idea. I think you are very lucky that you dont regret any of your choices! xx

allie. said...

@ ISNB - I havent heard of that author or her books but will certainly loook out for them.
I remember a while back I blogged about SARK (remember her?) and she was all about what you are talking about.
I find I get all enthusiastic about the methods these people suggest but it doesn't seem to lead to the sweet spot.
Not yet any way :-)
So glad to know you enjoy reading AC. XX

@ Jo - tags certainly would make parents' lives much easier as well, hey!
And, just so you know, there are choices I regret - just not in the zone I was talking about (as in - concentrating all my energies on my family.)
But, inside that choice, I have certainly made choices I wish I could undo.

cat said...

And the whole discovery process less? I wonder?