Saturday, November 26, 2011


I find this extract from "In His Image" by Philip Yancey and Paul Brand thought provoking: maybe you will too.
Listen -

"When three or four termites are collected together in a chamber they wander about aimlessly, but when more termites are added, they begin to build.

It is the presence of other termites, in sufficient numbers, at close quarters, that produces the work: they pick up each other's fecal pellets and stack them in neat columns, and when the columns are precisely the right height, the termites reach across and turn the perfect arches that form the foundation of the termitarium.

No single termite knows how to do any of this, but as soon as there are enough termites gathered together they become flawless architects, sensing their distances from each other although blind, building an immensely complicated structure with its own air-conditioning and humidity control."

It's fascinating that although the termites are blind, they are able to do precisely, exactly, faultlessly, what is needed.
It's fascinating that they only begin to do it when in a communal situation.
Its fascinating that each termite does its part with no idea of what the big picture looks like.

I see filiaments, imageries, of the people of God playing their parts in building His Kingdom . . .



cat said...

Wow, a lot to mill about in the mind. Thanks

Kitty Moore said...

That's fascinating - thanks for sharing

allie. said...

Happy milling, Cat :-)

Kitty! So glad you're around again. I'll be popping over to your space to see whats been happening in your world.