Wednesday, December 14, 2011

At Last!

It is the 14th December
And I have finished shopping for Christmas gifts
Not only that, but also have stuff like wrapping paper; serviettes; poppers; crackers; a plastic Christmas table cloth for the littlies table -
All safely tucked away for the big event.
Now you might ask "What's so great about that?"
(Although if you know me IRL, that's unlikely)
Answer: "Its the first time ever.
After 60 odd Christmasses of running around like a mad thing on 23rd and 24th, I have finally pulled it together."
If I can do it, anyone can -
There is hope for all!

Right now, all the presents are in big bags at the bottom of my wardrobe
Interesting things tend to happen when I start laying them out on my bed in little piles, according to who is getting what.
Because I can get myself into a knot, trying to spend approximately the same on everyone
It can get pretty technical, specially trying to do the sums in my head, on the run.
It's entirely possible that I may have birthday presents for everybody for the next couple of years lined up!
More is more, as far as I'm concerned, at Christmas time anyway.

The way things have been going with moi and blogging lately, I feel I should wish you a very happy Christmas right here,
Right now,
In case I take as long again to repost.
So - just in case:



I'm so not a blogger said...

Happy Christmas to you Allie, hope you have wonderful and blessed time and that the New Year brings you more creativity and peace and adventure and silence and everything that you wish for! Much love xxx

Kitty Moore said...

Well done Allie! Merry christmas xx