Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This I am going to write about -

The two sibs (and their families) of my man live up Gauteng way (about 2 hours flight time)
We don't see them very often but as far as I know, there have been no family fall outs or anything like that.
It turns out that they have all been in our neighbourhood for a good few days, socialising with DH's parents, even braai-ing just down our street.
And not one of them so much as called him!

I am gobsmacked.
And gutted for him
He just takes it in his stride (or says he does)
I specially cannot understand how his parents could have let this happen.
Or what caused his sibs to be so cruel.

I want to phone the parentals
And ask them to explain.
As nicely as I can
When I want to scream down the phone:
"What were you THINKING?!"

Would you phone them?
Or is it best left alone for the family to sort out?
What would you do?


Misty'sMum said...

I have to admit I would have to phone and in a roundabout way, say something like 'I believe you were down! What a shame you didn't call, it would have been so nice to see you'. I wouldn't be able to let it pass, but I wouldn't be confrontational about it either, especially if there is no current aggro within the family. I wonder what they were thinking? It seems very strange they would come all that way and only be down the street and not at least phone and say 'we are really tied up time wise, but just wanted to say hi'! That would upset me to be honest. I wonder what others think?

Lynette Jacobs said...

I think we South Africans are way to "nice". We are too nice to say what we feel in so many ways. I agree with Alison, I would also phone and mention that I know they were there and would have liked to see them. If they feel bad after the fact...bully for them;-)

Gill said...

You could be talking about my DH's sibs! I have given this much thought over the years and in my DH's case I think his sibs are jealous of him, plain and simple. He holds a mirror to their failings, simply by being himself, so they are uncomfortable around him and avoid him. Perhaps there is something similar going on in your DH's family. Just a thought.

How to handle it, now that I'm still working on LOL!

Helga van said...

Phone the sibs and say 'Hiiii, I heard you were in town, why don't you come round for drinks tonight!'

No sweat!

Anonymous said...


No way, confront it head on. Anyway which way works for you. Dont let it go. WTH is going on with these people? Grrrr

btw you have a TWO WORD verification on your settings - and they are hard to make out which makes commenting annoying...maybe change it in your settings?


allie. said...

Wow - thanks for the input -
A mixed bag of comments indeed which kind of illustrates my own double-mindedness about the whole thing.

I decided not to do anything while I was mad.
And also to ask DH if he would mind if I said something - its his family after all.

With all that out of the way, and feeling less emotional about it now, I can address the issue more wisely.
I hope!

Mel, I have changed my settings for the comments.
I had to take the spam filter right off; they didnt offer a more user friendly one.
So here's hoping I dont drown in spam :-)