Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Inspiration Frustration

Major things have been happening in our lives - huge, life changing things.
You'd think this would be a blogger's dream -
Getting down on paper (or up, in cyber-space) all that's been going on -
But no-o-o
I find I can't write about it because our stuf'f  is also invariably linked to other people's stuff.
Nothing is 'ring fenced' so that I can talk about it here without implicating other people.

Could this be the height of writer's frustration?


Lynette Jacobs said...

LOL! I know the feeling...so much happening and nothing to write about that will not affect others.

Gill said...

I know EXACTLY how you are feeling. This has got to be the most frustrating thing about blogging!

Even in my recent post about marriage, I felt I was teetering on the edge of over-sharing personal details that affect those closest to me. Just because I'm happy to "let it all hang out" doesn't mean my hubby and kids are ;-)

Vanessa said...

Use ficticious names :) Person A is having a baby, Person B is not the father of baby... (totally random example)

No implicating, and we all get to enjoy the thrill of hearing about what is going on, and you get to *share* ;)

MrsLG said...

Sjoe. Was clearly away too long and not been able to hang out much since we are back. However... am very curious now to hear! :)