Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stuff and Nonsense

Very very very darn hot.
Its the Argus Cycle Tour Day in beautiful Cape Town and we are sizzling in low to mid-30 degree temperatures.
Of course, Cape Town looks spectacular but I'm sure many of the cyclists suffered deeply.
Certainly we did -
In a weak moment, DH and I decided to "just stroll down to the bottom road to watch the bikes for a bit"
Forgetting that what is an easy stroll down the mountain is a tortuous climb back up the mountain
I thought I might have a heart attack on the way home.
Note to self: I really must try to attain some measure of fitness.
I can't go around dying every time I have to walk up hills.

Beacuse its so hot, I'm going to abandon any attempt to be coherent.
Random thoughts, accompanied by the odd pic, if we're lucky, will be the order of the day today.

Friday was Sports Day for 2 of my super grandkids, who won an embarrassing number of places between them.

DH and I had my aunt (my late Mom's sister) staying with us for 8 days.
What great company she was! Interested in everything and scarily intelligent.
She graduated from university at 16, just to give you an idea!
And at 85, with a great deal more energy than I have
Just by the way.

She wanted to re-visit well loved places, like Cape Point and Kirstenbosch, so I got to re-visit them too.
And was chastened to think all these wonderful spots are right on my doorstep but I never go to them.
Just because I live here.
Which is a very poor reason when you think about it.

Intrepid aunt at Kirstenbosch Gardens.
I challenge you to find where the water starts - half the vegetation is reflection.
Just exquisite!

Striking, massive sculptures in the gardens - this was up a steep incline in mid 30 degree temps too.
My aunt determinedly struck out, leaning on her cane "to have a closer look."
I would have been content to look from afar, from the level, shady ground, but I couldn't be shown up by an 85 year old, could I now?

While I'm on about being shown up, the same 2 grandkids have out-glammed me with my own beloved hat:

I know they look great in it
But its my hat and I love it - the more beat up it gets, the more I love it.
And aint nobody gunna take it away!

I'm hanging on to my hat
And thats that.

And now - I'm off to do this in the cool of the late afternoon:

Lucky me!


MelB said...

I cannot even fathom walking back home in this heat. *faint* fit or not it would be a killer!

the supercute grandkids look ubercute in the hat but it still looks best on you. :-)

so great that you got to revisit some of the Capes greatest places with B - what pleasure to share that type of thing.

cat said...

I hear its so hot ! Love this type of post though.

Lynette Jacobs said...

The hat looks good on the girls but much better on you. I loved going to Kirstenbosch when I was there in June last year. It was cold and wet that day...but it was still awesome.