Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fun and Games

Day 5.

Yes I missed blogging yesterday -
It was flop-about hot and besides, we had shopping to do

I always semi-vow NOT to shop on a Saturday morning, specially so close to Christmas
But sometimes you just have to -
So yesterday saw DH and moi off to various stores, with only partial success
Shopping at this time of the year, for me, is never really over till about 9pm Christmas Eve -
There is always seems to be just one more thing I need . . .

Anyway the later part of the day made up for it
Our two tiny granddaughters came to spend the evening with us
We had hauled our new Christmas tree up the stairs and positioned it in its stand
And unearthed the boxes of gold and red balls and tinsels, and all manner of other prettinesses
Ready for their small fingers to decorate the tree.

I spread white crepe paper around the base and let them loose with little figures of fairies, snowmen, father Christmasses etc to see what they'd get up to.
One of my favourite things is to let small children play
Just observing them -
It's enchanting to listen to their imaginations take flight

They had so much fun peopling the "snowy area" with figures and inventing all kinds of stories

I have decided in future, that this will be a fixture as long as we have tiny children in the mix
Because they can actually PLAY there
Grown ups are always telling them they mustn't touch the tree, or the ornaments -
Now they will have a place to play, invent, reconstruct and imagine.


Steve Finnell said...

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Lynette Jacobs said...

So beautiful....Christmas is all about Jesus and all about little children.

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