Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Solid Floatings

Sometimes I'm jolted by something I've always taken for granted
without ever thinking how remarkable it is
This was one of those times:

I was watching the trek fishermen waiting for a shoal on this crystalline day; the solid wooden craft rocking peacefully on the water
When the sea is like this, you can clearly see the shadow of whatever is on the water, be it a boat,  surf-ski, or swimmer.
Its beautiful
And this time it also set off a train of wonder . .

How can it be that that this heavy crude boat, carrying four grown men and hugely heavy nets can simply sit on top of water?!
I mean, take any one of those men and drop them over the side: they'll sink.
To say nothing of the nets, which weigh a ton!
And yet, all of these, plus the boat, lie daintily on the surface.
(Please note - I am not looking for scientific explanations.)
I am embracing wonderment!!

1 comment:

ANNE said...

It is a wonderment!
The same as seeing a huge jumbo jet soar into the sky.....