Monday, February 11, 2013

Unfinished bizniz

Today I'm going to do something I never do.
That is, put up an unfinished piece of artwork.
There is a reason for it -

Its because its easy to lose, along the way, something you managed to capture earlier.
If that happens with this one, here's a record of what it once had :-)

This is a pic of my tween granddaughter, trying to navigate the complexities and confusions of her unfolding life.

She, her parents and her 2 siblings are staying with us for a while
So we've had front row seats from which to observe her struggles: sweet and grown up one moment, outraged and outrageous the next.
Much of cuddles, and much of slammed doors.
(She is not the only one trying to navigate this stage - spare a thought for her parents!)

On the practical side of the pic:
I tore into random shapes a previous painting and stuck them on to my prepared surface.
(I'm a sucker for the burnt sienna with blue colour-combo!)
At this point there was no thought of where this piece was going -

Its classic illustration of:
Just start
But start -
And see where it takes you

Then my eye fell on this photo of my granddaughter (and yes, you can incorporate photos into your paintings!) which I've always loved.
And it went on to the page - as it did, the idea started to emerge and will be pursued.

Of course, I'm in a dangerous place now because I have a definite end in view.
That tends to make me all careful instead of just enjoying the fun of the process.
But I'll have a go and see what emerges
Fingers crossed!!


ANNE said...

this is great Alison! exciting!...

clare said...

I think this is just too lovely for words. I dont feel it needs anything further.

Lynette Jacobs said...

That is what we call mixed media...and I love what you are creating here.

I'm so not a blogger said...

Love this, I think you capture the time perfectly, finished or unfinished.