Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bullets and Blog Mojos

So much water under the bridge that I think bullets will be the way to go.

1. My parents-in-law, amazingly, have agreed to move up to Gauteng to their other children!
This after swearing up hill and down dale that they never would. So, a real miraculous turnaround because no one applied extra pressure on them.
We think that they'll be really happy up there because they'll have a lot more family, even grandchildren living right where they'll be.

2.  The venture The Man has been busy with (all very hush hush at the mo) is exciting, infuriating, depressing, challenging, all at once. Its an on/off, on/off situation.
I take refuge in the great wisdom of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel quote:
"Everything will be alright in the end: if its not alright, its not yet the end"

3. I'm on the brink of facilitating another Beth Moore bible study group.
Don't get me wrong - I love doing it but I was so sure I'd be doing something different this year!
A couple of things ARE different though:
# Its happening in my own home for the first time
# It will be in my own neighbourhood this time
# And its on a Saturday so working women can participate -
And who knows: maybe God will do something very different right in the midst of it all?!

4. I should be like a skeleton. I had the worst ulcer in my mouth for about 5 weeks!
Eating was an exercise in courage.
I ended up at the doc: should have saved my  R335 because there's nothing they can do. And it cost me that much to hear it :-(

5. We had a family wedding last weekend. BIG news but it deserves a post on its own with lots of pics. So thats all I'm saying about that right now.

6. The "scary moment" of trying a new hairdresser has once again arrived. Tomorrow is the day. But my hair is so long overdue for cut and colour that, hopefully, anything will be an improvement.

And that is about all I can muster in this, my non-blog-mojo-state right now. Am hoping that flippin mojo will find its way back soon.
It deserves a good slap.

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ANNE said...

well you have had a lot on your plate!

The wedding looked beautiful.

Glad to hear about Theo's folks....your mojo should be stepping back soon!

Blessings with your new venture...