Monday, April 29, 2013

The Blind See

"Seeing is believing"
If you believe that, you are either very young, or very gullible, or . .  or . . .

I went to a blind physiotherapist for prolonged treatment for my back some years ago.
It was an extraordinary and humbling experience
He knew me only by my voice and my words
But what he gleaned from those was mind boggling

I quickly realised that I had unconsciously used all kinds of methods to convey the positive impression I wanted: friendly smile, attractive clothing, well groomed hair and make up, welcoming body language -

It was the strangest thing for me to meet up with someone who couldn't see any of that.
To the physio I was my voice, my words and my actions.
But he seemed to know me so well so quickly and could locate where I was emotionally almost as I walked into his rooms.

The relationship that developed was unique
It bared me to myself -
There was nowhere to hide - you cannot just go through the polite motions with someone like that.
So there was a richness, a trueness, about our conversations.
Those were 'stripped down': I couldn't be fake or plastic
He would see right through it

I don't even remember his name
But these things I remember
As though it all happened yesterday.

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I'm so not a blogger said...

Wow, what a humbling experience. Facade has been lifted, how free you must have felt.