Sunday, May 25, 2014


Things I love:

Losing all sense of time when I'm doing something I love
Cuddling up with my man, a meal and a glass of chilled white wine, watching a great movie
Really comfortable boots.
Being warm
The time after exercise.
Conversations that leave a refrain in the mind
Unexpected kindness
Laughing till I lose my breath
Watching the family grow and do life.
Good stories
Sudden understanding
Wondering about things
Capturing what I want to in a painting or in words
Babies' laughter
A smile from a stranger
Having anticipation about tomorrow

Things I don't love:

Noise (unless its great music)
Being guilted into anything
Cold coffee
Rude, indifferent shop assistants
Having people finish my sentences.
Being cold.
Unresolved conflict.
Being unfit
Feeling out of my depth
Cocktail parties
Chipped nail polish
Shopping for clothes
Sagging skin
Not capturing what I want in a painting or in words.
Feeling manipulated

1 comment:

Lynette Jacobs said...

Other than the art part...we are very much the same :-)