Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Living Life Backwards.

Yesterday I went to a friend to learn to cook.
"A bit late" those of you who know me might be thinking.

When you think of my advanced years;
that four children have already passed through my un-domestic-goddess hands,
And that my husband has borne patiently with my puny efforts in the kitchen for almost 40 years, you could definitely be excused for thinking that.

"So why now?"
Good question.
I got tired of feeling inadequate and inept in the kitchen
I want to be able to invite friends around for meals without "that feeling"
I got irritated with myself for whining about it instead of doing something about it

I have begun to realise how much I have embraced "I can't do that" about various skills
Even made jokes about my inability
Without ever trying to see if I could learn to do it well
It was just easier to say "I can't. Its just not me."

There is something so energising about learning new stuff at this stage of life.
Learning seemed such a drag at school
Now I want to know; want to expand.
That makes all the difference.
Its like living life backwards.

Furthermore, my friend is a cordon bleu cook
And she offered to teach me as a fun project.
You don't get that every day!!
We cooked two new dishes in one morning and I picked up heaps of helpful tips in the process.
My bemused family had choices for supper.
That's a first!


Lynette Jacobs said...

This is wonderful Allie. Embrace it and enjoy it.

I can cook...I am just too tired when I get home at night to bother.

Helga van said...

Oh excellent! Well done. I'm with you on this! Cook to feed and it all gets a bit tiresome! Never too late to learn. :-)

MrsLG said...

Just for the record - I love your cooking!! I do however, get where you are going with this post and it's lekker to be able to learn new things- never too late.

PS: Please don't change your macaroni recipe!!