Saturday, June 13, 2015

HIS tattoo

There was a time when I seriously considered having a tattoo.
That may not sound like much
But for me it is.
Because -  well, you know that story about how bad its going to look when you get older?
I am there already.
A henna trial was an epic fail in spite of having "an expert" do the job.
So my lovely design went up on my wall instead of inside my wrist where I wanted it to be.


I am re-thinking this today because of a surging sense of gratitude
Seemingly out of nowhere, my son in law, until 2 days ago so grievously ill, thin and unable to eat, has blossomed again with a ravenous appetite for food and life.
Words could never describe how much that means to us.

We have a veritable army of pray-ers fighting the good fight of faith for him with us
But right now, my eyes are on the One who hears and answers those prayers.
And the knowledge that we belong to the One who calms us, encourages us, gives us hope and faith and even sudden health, is overwhelming.
No matter what lies ahead, to know - I am HIS - we are HIS -
No words can describe

But this drawing does - just a little.


Lynette Jacobs said...

Beautiful word my thankful with you xx

Helga said...

Love it! <3

Unknown said...

Do it ally I love my tatoos besides its the only thing you pay for that hoes with you to your grave stunning dedsign

Viv said...

SOOO grateful to God for His healing, transforming power. I love His Rock-firm consistency; He's the 'Faithful One, so unchanging', and yet He's the God of Transformation and Sudden Surprises. Our God of Hope. There is None like Him.

Gill said...

So glad to hear that he is doing better Allie! Love the design and the meaning behind that drawing - if I was you I would get the tattoo :-)