Monday, October 19, 2015


Google describes priming this way:
"to enable something to start working or functioning with something" - their example being:
"Larry primed the pump with a little water and it began to do its work."
 I would add that it is using a little of the SAME substance as you are wanting to extract in great quantities
A little water added to get the pump to produce a lot of water.

The last few posts are, I realise, my attempt to "prime the pump."
I am eking out a few words in the hopes that they will start a steady flow.

Or, I could just be using this time on my computer to delay the huge task I face.
We are renting out our house for a while over Christmas: the amount of sorting, discarding, giving away, selling off and/or packing away makes my hair stand on end.
Then there is the mind splitting thing of trying to decide what to keep and what not.

I usually leave things like this to the last moment, telling  myself I work best under pressure.
Not sure its true though because I've never tried it any other way
Maybe its time to try.

On that note, I will leave this 'pump primer/delaying tactic' and see what the rest of the day brings forth.
Have a good one, people

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MrsLG said...

I really love this and can actually see some spiritual parallels there too... Good luck on the sorting, I also have a pile of stuff I feel I need to do but don't wanna! So we can work together in spirit! :) xx