Saturday, November 21, 2015

As Simple As That

Internationally, nationally and personally
Its as though the skies themselves were reigning down darkness and pain
Now more than ever, with jihadists terrorising the world, people are reeling at the inhumanity of man toward man.
In our own country we see casual indifference to the sanctity of life: in our family we have recently lived through a brutal loss, as have many others.

There is bad news on all fronts -
Weather turns hostile and drought and flood threaten
Economies totter
Illnesses plague lives
Relationships break down more and more
The poor multiply and their misery increases
Rulers heap up wealth and power to the detriment of their people.
As the world looks in vain for some hero, some vestige of inspirational leadership
People are beginning to realise there actually is nowhere left to run to.

Perhaps the time is finally dawning when the news that there is another reality -
Where justice really does reign
Where there is peace and joy -
Will be seen for the genuinely good news it is
And not some irritating religious talk that most people are inclined to dismiss while the livin' is easy

"Gospel" means good news.
This is the other option to this ruin-wracked world system
There is a "place to run to" after all
The key to this other option is faith in Christ
His invitation to everyone is to just come -
Its as simple as that.

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Lynette Jacobs said...

It is in these scary times we live now, that they only hope can be found in Him. He is our only safe refuge x