Monday, April 3, 2017

B is for Being Real

Being Real

Since I am South African, and I'm breathing, I'm aware of the cataclysmic things happening in the political arena here
It's not my intention to go into it (it is easy to check it out if you want to; it's all over the media.)
But to explore the tension between the outrage I feel and being a Christ follower.

I note that Jesus never seemed to get pulled into the politics of His day
And He lived in tumultuous political times with the Romans occupying Israel and lording it over the people.
It is evident that the people were being overtaxed, but He still said, "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's . . . "

His teachings, and His life indicate turning the other cheek -
As in, when much is demanded of you, offer more,
Remembering that we belong to a different Kingdom

How do I interface my following Christ with what's happening around me?
If my faith is authentic, it will influence every part of my life
And there is no dodging the tricky bits.
How does loving my enemy,
Turning the other cheek
Praying for those who despitefully use me (and others),
Forgiving as I have been forgiven, work?

How can I ground these Kingdom principles in my ordinary life
Against the backdrop of evil actions that will hurt this nation so badly
And harm the poorest of the poor the most?
What do I do with the emotions that I feel?
I cant pretend they aren't there.

Do protest marches have a rightful place for me?
For us?
Or is our battle on a different front? A different line?
I don't have answers; not yet.
Maybe you do?

In the meantime, God bless Africa.


Unknown said...

Our battle is not against flesh and blood. The Message bible " This is a life or death fight to the finish against the devil"
Prayer is the way but I still want to be part of the protest. They say good people stand by and do nothing. If we pray people don't see what we're doing but we are doing whats best and most powerful. Its a dilemma. Off the top of my head and trying to convince myself.

allie. said...

I hear you, Gill.
Maybe its a both/and situation?

A vital thing for us is what is going on inside us -
We cannot be filled with rage and antagonism
And yet, doesn't this situation call forth strong emotional responses from us?
And shouldn't it?