Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blues Outcome

Yesterday I had the blues - no reason - I just had them. It hardly ever happens to me and when it does, I feel like a dog because I have such a great life - It seems so petty and disgruntled.
My DH is a treasure though He just said: "Tomorrow we'll get in the car and head off for the day."
I was like: "Ja, ok then."
(Coz the blues make nothing seem very interesting)
But before we did that, he took me out to dinner and a movie.
We saw "Australia".
I liked it:
the Aussies know how to tell a story and this one had a gripping historical slant.
It did seem that that Kidman overplayed
her character
who is an uptight English aristocrat
who has come to Aus.
Also, stretches of credulity are called for from
time to time
but overall, very entertaining
And the leading man is easy on the eye!
But be warned, the movie is LONG!
The blues had passed away by half way through
We headed out for Franschhoek today anyway.
Oh man!
I had forgotten how beautiful it is out there
(Shouldn't have; after all Rambler and Frank have been raving about it lately)
We had lunch on the lawns at the Boschendal Estate.
They pack a gorgeous picnic hamper for you and bring it to the tables under the pine trees
Savoury tarts; crispy French loaves with different salads; cold meats;
brownies and cheese and biscuits
washed down with one of their excellent reds.
We wished we had thought to bring a rug:
some people had spread theirs under the trees and were
drowsing there.
Seemed like a great way to wait for the food to settle!
On the way back to the car we strolled along this avenue of sculptures on the estate:

Among them there was this one:

so funny!

Like a gossipy mama who was horrified that she had gone too far
Then in the curio shop, these vibey cups, mugs and dishes. Beautiful vibrant colours and ver-r-ry SA.

A great day -

DH told me it was also the beginning of my birthday celebrations:

this year is a biggy.

(Don't ask!)

Since the day is still a few days away, this should be good!


Simply-Mel said...

Hooray for great men and radical interventions.....So glad you outta your funk.

Lynette said...

So glad the blues passed! You are really so blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

Ordinarylife said...

What a perfect way to get rid of the blues!

Rambler said...

Aw, I wish I was closer to Franschhoek to appease the blues... I have to settle for Zoo Lake...


Anonymous said...

Allie :-) How extremely surprising to come across this web page! Had a good chuckle - not sure at all how I managed to get to this link on a completely unrelated google search - maybe it was God! Hee, hee.
Of blogging I know nothing, so I hope I'm not breaking the etiquette
but thought I would drop a little comment to say howzit lady!
You seem to be even more special and wonderful since I last saw you.
Anyway, lots of love and surprises.
Kate x

allie said...

What a lovely surprise!
And how good to hear from you
Please contact me (am hoping you find your way back here sometime :-))
I would love to catch up with you.

Frank J said...

Great Post!!

And now I'm missing Franschoek all the more.

The time will come for me and Rambler to make our way down there on a more permanent basis... There's a lot to consider before it though, 'cause I'm sure Wine estates don't come cheap ...

And on a another track - I'm not sure if I'll be running off to see Australia any time soon.. I have a terrible habit of napping (and occasionally snoring) through epic movies

Kevin Davis said...

Happy almost b-day.

allie said...

Thanks Kevin!

And Frank and Clive - we are keeping our fingers crossed that doors will open for you guys to make it down here.

And to the Franschhoek fans - yup, a great way to get past the blues but actually, any excuse would be ok with me to go there.