Monday, January 26, 2009


Cricket fan post.
We DID it!
We really did it!
We gave the Aussies such a hiding today, beating them by 8 wickets.
That means we have wrapped up the one day series AND the test series.
Against the world's number one side!
How awesome is that?!
Oh happy day
Tra- la


Lynette said...

Lekker!!!! Yes...that is when we know that we are South African to the bone...when cricket and rugby gets played!

Deon said...


Kirsty said...

we are the best, we are the best tra la lalala, we are the best, we are the best, tra lalalalala.....
I am so happy! nothing makes me happier than when we beat the aussies... and even better ... IN AUSTRALIA!!!!!!! hahahahahah