Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coming Clean

The agonising by a couple of our blogging fraternity recently
about having to face their 36th birthdays
made me smile -
a little wistfully, it has to said.
Good question.
I was thinking: "36! "
You're worried about being 36!!
Don't you know you are in the prime of life, people?!
Of course, I can see that now
I have the advantage of hindsight.
of hindsight!
Coming clean means telling you that the 3 day fest for this birthday is because this is my 65th, ahem, my 65th,
that is,
65th birthday.
I can hardly believe it.
What the heck happened:
I was just going about the ordinary business of life,
toddling through the warp and woof of living on this planet
and suddenly:
Here I am
I always imagined I would be dignified and wise at 65;
would have a handle on life;
able to give wise counsel to young women and stuff like that
I still have trouble realising I'm not a young mom myself
And I see that often young moms are a lot smarter than me.
My journey has been fantastic up to now
Its all been great
Just really fast.
Its been epic the way people have spoilt me the last few days:
I told you about the night out and the trip to Franschhoek;
Mel told you about the Sunday lunch with the family
and the box set of Friends dvd's they gave me.
(I am a Friends junkie!)
Its always a buzz for me to have my family around me,
as it is for any mom
Anyway -
then yesterday, I was taken to a mystery location for breakfast.
The location turned out to be a friend's place and
she had gathered "my girls"
(as in my daughters and DILs,)
+ one DIL's mom, around a sumptuous brekky.
So much kindness!
I had paused the cricket
So I could come home and watch us humble the Aussies finally.
A perfect ending to the day.


Lynette said...

Happy birthday Allie...you look great at 65. My birthday it tomorrow!

Shayne said...

Wow, you look fabulous! Happy Happy Birthday. May you have an incredibly blessed year!

It's my little's one's 3rd birthday today - obviously a great day!

Hayley said...

Happy Birthday Allie!!!!!
Looks like you have already had a fabulous one, hope today is even better!

Rambler said...

Happy happy birthday!

You do look fantastic! Hope you have a fantastic day and continue to be spoilt rotten!


allie said...

Thanks guys
You helped

Gill said...

Happy Birthday Allie!! Man, I hope I look like you at 65!

Ordinarylife said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Most of us just hope to be 1/2 as young as you are when we are 65.

Frank J said...

After seeing your post about the birthday picninc at Bochendal, I thought to myself: "I wonder how old Allie's turning"..

Logic dictates 60 I thought (considering Mel'B's age comments the other day)... and then I thought: "But, that can't be! Allie must have started her family at an early age..."

I was genuinely peggin you at mid 50's... That's incredible.

Oh, and Happy Birthday!!!

allie said...

Thanks to you all for your compliments and good wishes.

Shayne, I hope your small one had a wonderful day.

Lynette, I will be popping in tomorrow to wish you for your birthday.

Hugs to you Frank for
v-e-r-y obvious self-centred reasons :-)

Deon said...
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Deon said...

Happy Birthday Ma,

You are an inspiration and example to us all. We love you so much. Hope you had a fantastic day.

Much love,

PS> I really hope I got some of your "age genes" ;)

allie said...

Aw Dee - you makin me all misty eyed again.
Sanks man!