Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Worries Anyone?

A few days ago Hayley wrote about her how Mom
worries about her.
Well, I used to win blue ribbons at the Worrier's Olympics
Even before I was a mom.
It was hell living like that
And I am so grateful that that is no longer me.
(There is a story tied up with how I got out of that,
but that is for another day)
It is just as well that things
changed for me
because look what my JS does for fun these days:


That is him on the cliff face.


The place I have come out

(after an initial: "Oh please, dear God, no!)

is this:

I don't want any of my children's lives to be made smaller

because of my fears.


And hey!

If I believe what I say I believe

then God is able to keep them as safe on a cliff face

as in their own beds.


Don't you think?


Heathcote Safari said...

Do you think God's goal is to make us feel SAFE? I somehow doubt it. Not in my life, anyway!!

Simply-Mel said...

Whether its His goal or not....I like to know the people I love are safe. Motherhood has turned me into a worrier and I have yet to meet a mom who doesnt worry about her kids!

Shame ma, you had to get one rock climber and one big wave surfer dude as sons huh?

I dont drive fast anymore, so you can stop worrying about me now...and I am giving up the marajuna too. Maybe. *grin*

Deon said...

Ma, I'm glad you don't worry about me. And yes, we believe God is on control. so it's all good.

And the necessary precautions are always taken. ( I don't want to get hurt more than you don't want me to get hurt)

Life is good! Happy Birthday again :)

Love you lots,

allie said...

Heathcote S, I take your point:
perhaps I could have put it better by saying: "We are in His care whether we are . . . "

Dee and Mel -
I was brought up to avoid doing anything that looked risky.
I think my life was a little poorer for it.
So - I want you children to live free of that hindrance.
Yes Dee, I know you are careful - and I know you trust God in this hobby of yours.
but Mel! los nou die weed!

Frank J said...

I think the politically correct term these days would be 'Low Risk Aversion'.

I know a few people who are particularly risk averse... so I know where you're came from.

Amazing picture! It looks like 'running' up down cliff faces could be a lot of fun

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday Alie, the fact that you are now 65 doesnt matter cos you look and behave like you are at least 10 years younger. Glad to hear you were spoiled and got to do the things that you love - like watch cricket.

Lynette said...

HOpe you had a great day! I have come to know just how much you worry about kids and not only because they do risky things...sommer because they are your kids and I think it is part of being a mom!

Hayley said...

I read on some ones blog a while back, that is actually a sin to worry, because if you truly believe in God and what he does, and then still worry, you are not truly believing....sho, that was a mouthful.

Anyway, while I certainly do not agree with the fact that it is a sin, I do sort of understand where they are coming from. So I try my best not to worry, especiall about things that might never happen...

Ordinarylife said...

My mom worries too, but has never stood in our way of doing something. Her philosophy is that yes climbing mountains, cycling, windsurfing, running, open water swimming, paragliding and all the other things her kids (and herself) decide to do are risky but life is risky, crossing the street is risky, driving to work is risky. And when it is our time, it is our time and she would much rather we died doing something we loved than something arbitary like driving to work.

She knows we take all the precautions necessary, but you have one life and you have to live it. And any way, I think she is the most adventurous of all of us.

allie said...

Wow - great feedback everyone!

Now you see, Pamiejane - I shouldda been more like your mom.

Hayley - I blush to tell you that at one time I toitally bought into that theory - even taught it
So bad.

Now I see it more like, God is our Father and He is trying to reassure us.

As we do our little children when they are scared and anxious and we know we have everything covered.
You know "Don't worry little one, I'll take care of you" kinda vibe