Monday, July 27, 2009

Bullets. No, seriously.

Another try at doing bullets: I. Fantastic weather 2. Some great things going on in the family 3. Some difficult things going on in the family Isn't that situation normal in any family? See, I am incapable of doing pure bullets :-( 4. Am feeling a tad anti-cyber at the mo 5. But still lurve my cyber-buds 6. Am busy with 2 different bible studies - out of love not duty (hehe) 7. Am feeling lonesome 8. But know this time is necessary 9. Went for my first massage in about 2 years - it fixed my aching back - Surprise! I didn't go for that and sure did not expect it 10. Went for my first facial in about 10 years Yummy 11. DH still super busy - will this season never end?! 12. Going on Friday for a "risky" haircut. You know the kind? Where you say "Just cut it the way you think it will look good" and hope that you are both on the same page! Have a good week, all


Lynette said...

Glad you're back, missed you. Trust you are enjoying the bible studies.

Now I feel like having a massage and a facial...see how you inspire me:)?

Shayne said...

My sister is a massage therapist - a travelling one at that so you don't even have to leave the house !!!

i'm desperate for a facial and manicure - may treat myself whilst in pe.

glad to have you back, bullets and all - missed u!

Rambler said...


Ah, got to love bullets... and sorry to read you're feeling lonesome. Wish I was closer so we could have a good natter again...

and thanks for the article you forwarded me. Interesting stuff... and really well written. I have many thoughts on it :)

Lotsa love!


Kate said...

- I am going
- to have to do the
- bullet point thing
- as well soon!
- my life is insano!


Ordinarylife said...

Good luck with the hairstyle - I am so tempted to do that, but don't have the guts. Let us know (photo's) how it goes.

Gill said...

Nice to hear from you - bullet posts are good. Hope we get to see photies of the hair cut?

allie said...

Yes I will do pics even if I'm in a state of shock.

For those who are considering various ways of spoiling yourself - go for it.
Its like having a holiday.

Rambler - A chat with you would be great!
Glad the article was worth the read.

Kate - I hope things slow down soon. But bullets are good if not.

Joanne said...

Sounds like lots of stuff in the pipeline that we can look forward to hearing about (in the family that is). Put a limit on that hairdresser!