Monday, July 20, 2009

Pic Post

Its Monday - its 6.47am.
The house is in a post weekend mess
So all thats happening here today are a couple of pics of the time in Kirstenbosch the other day (See 'Be Jealous, Very Jealous' - 2 back) with Ness (super photographer) and Mel (super mom) as promised.
(Not that Ness isn't a super mom OR that Mel is not a super photographer - um, um, oh heck - never mind!)
Now - ew!
To hit the house-carnage!
Have a good week peeps!


Kate said...

How amazing is our weather hey!

Loving it - I just hope we don't have a drought this winter.

Lynette said...

Amazing pics of a happy day:)

Susan said...

Beautiful pics to record your fun. Thanks for sharing.


Shayne said...

How did i miss this post?

Gorgeous pics of a lovely day.

Gill said...

Looks like you had a lovely day! Wish you could send some of that decent weather our way....