Saturday, September 26, 2009

Loving It

Quick pic-post from beautiful Franschhoek. Overcast weather couldn't hide the beauty of the surroundings I couldn't believe these bright proteas were real but they are. I went up to feel their petals so can vouch for it
One of many wine tasting venues. OMW but we are spoilt in the Western Cape with our wonderful wines!
At an oyster bar - loved the blaasoppie lights - they show better in the other pic I've posted. (Blogger will not let me move my pics around. Grrr)
HUGE proteas in the garden of Val D'or were we are stying
Just an empty plot near our place - but just loook what has sprung up here!
Here is the better pic. SUCH incredible food here! And since we were seated at the bar, we could watch the whole cooking process.
Our beautiful peaceful home for the weekend


Simply-Mel said...

So glad you having fun. Raining buckets here. :(

Joanne said...

Away for the weekend? Does this mean i wont see you a church tomorrow? x

Terry said...

Very nice pictures! Enjoy your time there.

Hayley said...

Ah, love that wine farm....and that restuarant!

Have fun!

Kate said...

Wow! beautiful place. looks like you had the wonderful relaxing time.

Lynette said...

I have put Franschoek on my list of places to go in December:)