Monday, September 28, 2009

Greens, Streams and Dreams

Saturday in Franschhoek was spent just heading out. We didn't have a clue where we were going, we just pottered off down the side lanes to see what we could see. And what we saw was green - Everywhere; wildly - The young oak leaves specially - just past the golden stage and into boisterously shouting Spring green you want to dive into and never come up. A symphony of greens. Actually more a cacophony - if colour were language, it would have been like a hundred excited small children talking at the same time If colour were drink, I would have been motherless. Isn't it great that you can drink with your eyes with no ill effects? There is something so restful about being 'in the green' - I can see why Psalm 23 associates 'green pastures' with the restoring of the soul. Then DH noticed this little spring bubbling up on the side of the road: it would have been so easy to miss - just an unassuming stirring of sand grains but just look at the stream it produced!
Cannot resist the parallel of 'streams of living water' coming out of the hearts of the unlikeliest people . . .
Then, just in case you thought it was all nature and high thoughts, in the evening we went to Reubens, THE restaurant in Franschhoek for food to dah for, doll. Seriously. The best. And to cap the evening this couple, who sat adjacent to us, got engaged as we watched. He got up, walked around the table to her and got on one knee. With my usual reserve I asked: "Was that what it looked like?" as he got up. He blushed. No, I swear he did. And answered: "Yes. And she said YES!" He was so chuffed. We were all over it, toasting them and all that. I confess to a moment when I wanted to give her a small smack though - She said: "He's so silly" I guess she may have been a bit embarrassed too. But we loved it. Adios amigos!


allie said...

Well I see I'm going to have to talk to myself on this one :-)
I love this post - specially the clip of the spring.

Its ok - no worries - I did this post for me anyway.

Wenchy said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh on the engagement!!!