Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Shawl

I heard such a lovely story recently. A women had a friend who was very ill and she so longed to do something to help Or to give her something that would make a difference. But she did not know what. I guess we have all been there. What she did, was knit her friend a shawl, all the while praying for her friend - Kind of knitting her prayers into the shawl. When she gave it to her friend, she said she suddenly felt a bit silly Doubts crowded in - was it such a good idea? But every time she saw her friend after that, she had the shawl around her. She said she felt wrapped in prayer; encircled by the prayers of her faithful friend. She spoke of the sense of comfort she experienced through it. I don't know why this story impacted me so greatly But it did. So I share it you, my friends . .


Simply-Mel said...

This touched me too. I have a friend who is very very ill. If I could I would do this for her. Utterly beautiful.

Susan said...

Allie, I know of a church here in the states that does this as a ministry. The ladies crochet these beautiful prayer shawls and send them to people in need with a little note about the fact that they have been praying for that person. It's an AWESOME outreach.

:-) Susan

allie said...

@ Mel - There is a spin off to this tale. Someone else heard it; Someone Iknow; someone who didn't knit, but loved the idea and wanted to use it.
She bought a very soft, light shawl and prayed many prayers for her friend over it.
(By the way, her sick friend was not a believer)
She too found that her friend always used the shawl after that; around her shoulders, across her knees, on her lap - but there.

Maybe you could use that idea?

@ Susan - that is such a lovely idea!

Joanne said...

Where can I get me one of these shawls?

Mel, I can teach you easily serious!

Lynette said...

That is amazing...just think...we all need to be encircled in prayer all the time. Very touching.

Kate said...

Love this - I am going to do it definately next time there is someone who needs it.