Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I don't think I like school holidays
Yes, I do know that all you moms love the slower pace of life that they bring
Later sleeps;
no sarmies to make;
no homework to oversee;
no racing against the clock
But sheesh, for me - its been just too quiet in cyber world while you are all relaxing.
Bring on the next term.
Says she, ducking for cover


Simply-Mel said...

Ja ja, just because you back from your swish long weekend away we must all come out and ENTERTAIN you eh? Didnt your mother ever tell you to go amuse yourself? ;-)

Lets hang soon? Thursday?

allie said...


Yes she did - a lot.
But that was then and this is now.

Thursday sounds good to moi

Shayne said...

Yeah, i hear you.

It is terribly quiet here. No one to say hi as everyone has buggered off!

Most rude!

Not much longer now.

Gill said...

No Allie! I am dreading the whole back to school scenario, for the exact reasons that you mention: the 06:00am alarm and as for the school lunch - that's the worst of all, I can not feel inspired about sandwiches at 6:15am, I just can't!

Ness @ Drovers Run said...

You've had four kids right? So what *EXACTLY* makes you think that there are *any* later sleeps to be had just because it's holidays???? HUH??? HUH!???