Monday, May 3, 2010

Late Night Update

Its 2am so this will be a quick update -' On Saturday and Sunday morning, DH and I revved our place for the show house. Now I am in love with my 'new' house! (Not a good idea when you are trying to sell it!) Its amazing what a difference couple of plants, new bathmats and towels (teal) and a truly streamlined study can make to a place. That and nothing on any surfaces! (I am a 'piler-on-surfaces' person usually). I will add some pics later if I get around to it: I better, because in a week or so, I will need proof that it ever looked this way. :-) I really should have done before and after pics! The trouble is now I would like to keep it looking this way - I could just turn into my MIL who is always giving her poor husband a hard time for being untidy. And who spends her whole life madly cleaning everything in sight; housework is her main occupation in life and her main topic of conversation. And her sparkling house, her pride and joy. Bwahahahahaaa! Did you think I was serious?!


Ness at Drovers Run said...

I know exactly what you mean. I am constantly annoyed by how messy my husband is, and honestly thinks it's me! My study is always the pinnacle of color coordination, and symmetricality, and then he comes and dumps his laptops, with it all it's ugly wires, and MUST have his speakers set up and they're just grey and nasty, and well, it just messes up my chi! :)

But, I declutter and clear in silence since I hate to nag.

Shayne said...

I echo Ness here.

I like clean flat spaces, colour co-ordinated and in order. In fact, upon returning home yesterday i had to re-order the magnetic knife holder coz the knives weren't in order of size (yes ok, i am a bit over the top, but you get my meaning!)

Dh just stops and dumps whatever he has in his hands, wherever he is.

drives me CRAZY - so i just dump it all in his office and close teh door!

Glad you are loving your home again. dont' sell!

Lynette said...

Seems like most men are alike. I just remember all mine's good attributes and don't dwell on the untidy one;-)

So did you have many interested buyers trooping through your home?

allie said...

Um - did you folk miss the line "I am a 'piler-on-surfaces' person" ?

I AM the culprit, people.

All you clearers of surfaces, and neatness freaks - you are not hearing me.
Tis my MIL who is like you, kay?

And Lynette, our agent said there were people coming through - by his diffident manner, I would guess, not many.

The advert was on the front page of the supplement and in colour, but oddly, they only had a picture of the view, not the house.

I told him that if were a prospective buyer I would have assumed that they were advertising a plot, not a house.

Anyhoo, que sera sera.

Lynette said... we misread...sorry;-)