Monday, May 24, 2010

Depth in the Day

"The God who speaks, speaks in the ordinary events and interactions of the day. What excitement this adds to a routine day! When we renounce the flat world of sight and sense as the whole of reality, a new world of enchantment and mystery begins to be born. It's not that the material world is unreal, but it is incomplete. " Neither is the enchanted world of spirit new; rather, we are reclaiming our organs of perception - eyes of the heart and ears of the soul - to notice what has been there all along." Finding an author who expresses so beautifully what I was trying to say in a previous post is really exciting. (See "Me Tag" post - two back) This is a deeply engaging book, for anyone who is interested in pursuing this kind of thinking. Title: "Living before God" - Subtitled: " Deepening our Sense of the Divine Presence" by Ben Campbell Johnson.


Simply-Mel said...


I think that paragraph may have just changed the way I live my life from today.


Lynette said...

Mind blowing stuff!