Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two Things

Spotting things like this add so much to my life!
Picture the scene.
Me in tiny loo, delving into my bag, trying to locate my camera,
practically blind with tears of mirth.
Then standing with my back wodged against the loo door,
so I could get a good shot of this mad notice.
After wiping away the tears,
I waltzed into the next adventure.
Main player?
My hairdresser.
And hair colouring.
My last foray to her, you may (or may not) remember, resulted in a sort of orangatang red, which made even my kind DH swallow hard and say,
"I actually prefered it before"
which is his version of,
"Aargh! What have you done! Make it go away!"
Look what I got today.
Witch Hazel.
Scary vampire lady.
When I look up, brace yourself for the fangs and yellow eyes, nnkay?
I have not yet learned to sit at the top of trees though.
But give me time.
In my hairdresser's defence, I did say, "Match the colour to my regrowth" but I'm pretty sure I remember my natural colour being brown, mid brown. Some might even say mousey.
If they wanted to stop a klap.
Guess what I said to my dear hairdresser? (and yes, I do like her. Still. In spite of.)
"Well, its a change. And I'm up for change. I'll have to adjust my make up, definitely."
I'm a coward.
What can I say?


Lynette said...

LOL re the sign! Now the mind wanders to what they could possibly mean;-D

The hair will get lighter over time...but that IS dark.

wendy Thompson said...

A change is as good as a holiday - that's my theory and it's what I always say when i change my hair colour. I like the dark, but you can see the grey sooner. Not that you have any grey.... just saying.

Simply-Mel said...

No Mom, its too dark. She must fix it. Jislaaik. Am open to reassessing my strong opinion when I see you in the flesh.....best you come for tea or we go out for coffee!

allie said...

Mel - I know.
But flip man, I can't mess with the colour again so soon.
My hair might fall out!
I prefer Witch Hazel hair to no hair.

But will be washing it almost daily to try to get it lighter quickly.

Think I need to change my hairdresser.

Terry said...

Let me see! Uh.... I think the sign says it all. Now for the hair color. You really don't think I'd go there, do you? :) Actually, Allie, having my wife and two daughters, I've learned through Trial and Punishment not to open my mouth when it comes to their hair or their clothes.